Restaurant Management System

The restaurant sector has changed significantly in the Pakistan in the last couple of years. By choosing the best restaurant POS system will deliver an end-to-end approach to all the business issues. It would allow you to emphasise all sections, including keeping track of billing, inventory management, CRM, to helping you diligently review reports. An end-to-end plan such as this will help you to improve your company and offer up a lot of ways to make more profits.

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Restaurant Management System for Business of all Sizes

One of a restaurant’s most fundamental functions is billing. And it’s better if you can simplify the whole operation, because it’s all about monetary transfers. The risks of human errors, or internal fraud and pilferage would be negated by such a move. Getting a framework for restaurant management would take you a little closer to automating the whole operation. By guaranteeing fast order taking, it can speed up the table billing process. On a busy day, restaurants frequently find themselves running out of an important stock item. Such conditions can prove to be incredibly harmful to your restaurant’s health and image. When an object hits its reorder stage, a restaurant management system that is designed to give you real-time updates will save your restaurant from accidentally running out of stock.

Al-Araf Technologies helps to manage restaurant billing, inventory tracking, recipe management, kitchen order taking, accounting, table, call order management & more, in the form of complete business automation solutions paired with mobile apps. It combines both innovation and proven service methodology to protect the customer’s software investment by bringing them to the forefront of best practices.

Key Features

  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Dine-in, Delivery & Take away
  • Inventory Management
  • Table Management
  • Kitchen / Menu Management
  • Employee Management
  • Recipe Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
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