Housing Society Management System

The Real Estate Management is a fully automated system with dynamic features that automates the daily routines of Housing Society Management Operations with the most convenient and adaptable user interface. The System automates dealing with the Members, Plot Sales, File Transfers, Plots Inventory, Daily Invoices/Receipts and more.

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Housing Society Management System for Business of All Sizes

A housing society management and billing project that effectively manages and handles all the functioning of a cooperative housing society. The software system can store the data of various flat owners and their family members along with their images. The system also maintains and calculates the society maintenance as well as parking, cultural funds, emergency funds and other charges and adds them automatically in individual flat bill. The system needs an administrator to input various flat owner data and billing amounts into it. The rest of the work is done by the system on its own. The system consists of automatic bill generation facility. It calculates various associated costs, adds them up and provides a bill accordingly. Get the housing society management system project at Al-Araf Technologies.

Advantages of Society Management System:

  • Manage Society members details
  • Manage Financial Transaction
  • Make your society well Organized
  • Quickly communicate with members/committees
  • Manage events, complaints
  • Manage all maintenance details
  • Manage Meeting Details
  • Automatic calculation
  • Transparency in accounting and finance management and track any income or expenses at any time in minutes
  • Go Digital and save cost
  • Increased Security through Visitor Management, and Domestic Staff Tracking
  • Effective communication across whole society
  • Manage your assets, planned preventive maintenance
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