Construction Project Management System

Al-Araf Technologies has introduced an automated solution for civil constructors, builders, and contractors.

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Construction Project Management System for Business of All Sizes

Al-Araf Technologies has introduced an automated solution for civil constructors, builders, and contractors.  An ideal solution for general contractors that can help them in tracking costs, documenting change orders, and managing subcontracts. Al-Araf Technologies’ general contractor software helps you accomplish all of this and even more.

This unique software is that beneficial to help you enhance the construction-specific functionality that includes union reporting, certified payroll, and contractors’ billings, Job cost reporting in real-time, including work-in-progress schedules and committed cost reporting. Its performance is excellent in terms of subcontractor payment controls like automatic retention calculations, payment processing, and percentage of completion reports

A state of the art construction management software that integrates accounting, jobs, project management, purchasing, equipment, and more like Multi Project, Multi-Location with centralized controlling of Head Office and Project Sites. The software makes you have an efficient performance in your task and good help in managing the subsequent,

Coordinate efficiently to manage the tasks like Assign tasks, work from up-to-date drawings, and align the sector and office, all from any device. It also helps to trace performance in order that you’ll know exactly who did what. Create schedules of upcoming work. Repeat best practices across all of your projects. Its prime beauty is to assist you to reduce risk to capture as-built project information to make an indisputable record of labor performed.

Companies associated with the development and engineering industry face tons of challenges including accurate bid provision, cost collection, complex project management, change orders, and billing. Al-Araf Technologies understand the challenges of the development and engineering industry and that they have developed a singular solution for construction and engineering which may seamlessly integrate together with your existing infrastructure technology.

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